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Where ‘Play is Child’s Work’

Nurturing the gift and promise that are young children, since 1972.

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 About Us


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At UCCC, children are part of a family of learners, engaging playfully with peers, teachers, parents, classroom materials, the broader Missoula community and the world in the process of constructing knowledge.

Our developmentally appropriate preschool program promotes positive relationships among all children and adults, and nurtures each child’s sense of individual worth and belonging as part of this community.

We support active investigation, creative expression, and self-initiated learning, as well as each child’s capacity to contribute as a responsible community member. We welcome children and families of all races, abilities and backgrounds.


Our curriculum is based on best educational practice and attention to the whole child.

Our teachers are intentional in planning a daily schedule and environmentally-rich curriculum that honors a child’s individual needs and interests. The curriculum supports success and challenge at every level of development (cognitive, social, emotional and physical) and is integrated across disciplines (literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, music, art, creative movement).

We balance opportunities to learn individually and in groups, both inside the classroom and through interaction with people, places and the environment outside the classroom.

We believe that ‘play is child’s work’ and that children learn best through hands-on, process-based and meaningful work experiences. We are committed to supporting and teaching about sustainable practices.

Warm personal child-teacher relationships support our emphasis on helping children communicate effectively and grow in awareness, thoughtfulness and empathy for others.

While we are a public ‘face’ of University Congregational Church, our curriculum is secular.

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Our comfortable, child-centered classrooms and outside play yard are bright and cheerful. They reflect our commitment to surrounding children with their own work as well as immersion in a literacy-rich environment and inviting opportunities for multi-sensory learning across all disciplines.


Our preschool is a parent cooperative.  This means that on a rotating basis, adult family members assist daily in the classroom, participate in a school wide committee per family, accompany field trips, provide healthy snacks, and help with other projects.  Fundraising provides a significant portion of our annual operating budget and scholarship fund, therefore UCCC families are required to participate in school fundraising efforts.  Families contribute ideas and talents as well as share in each child’s growth and development at the preschool, which enriches the collaborative learning environment and sense of community for everyone. At UCCC, we arrive as separate families; we end up as one family.

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 History and Administration

History and Admin

Founded by University Congregational Church, UCCC has been a part of the Missoula community for over fifty years, first as a private kindergarten in the 1950’s and, since 1972, as a cooperative preschool. The curriculum of the preschool, while intentionally non-religious, reflects strong humanitarian and community-building values. An administrator and preschool Council oversee the preschool operations. Click the  2017_18 UCCC Preschool Directory for a list of preschool staff and Council members.

Click here for our Mission Statement.

Faculty and Staff 2017

Our faculty and staff Faculty-and-Staff-2017 bring to UCCC their education, expertise, and enthusiasm – a love for children and teaching. They are committed to helping young children and their families grow and learn. Each teacher is responsible primarily for her own classroom of children, although there is collaboration and continuity between/among classes. Teachers keep families informed about their child and the child’s classroom through newsletters and calendars, spontaneous and planned conversations and meetings, and twice-yearly conferences where on-going informal and formal assessments and portfolios are shared.Our administrator facilitates communication and the work among families, teachers, and the Preschool Council.

Classes and Calendar

We offer classes for children, ages 3 to 4, and ages 4 to 5, either two or three days a week. Our 2017-2018 School Calendar generally follows that of Missoula School District 2017-18 UCCC Calendar, with a few exceptions.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon or Tuesday,Thursday: 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 noon

Class size is constant at 12 children for each of the 3/4 year old classes, and 15 children for each of the 4/5 year old classes.

Lunch Bunch Option: For an additional fee, an optional program offered by one of our teachers extends a child’s day until 2:00 pm. Enrollment is limited.

Tuition and Fees

A $75.00 registration fee is collected upon confirmation of registration and reserves a space in a class for your child. Other fees noted here:Preschool 2017-2018 Tuition & Fees.

Enrolling in UCCC

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Registration begins in February of each calendar year. Children must be 3 (for the 3/4 year old classes) or 4 (for the 4/5 year old classes) by September 10 of the academic year they are registering and must be toilet-trained by the time school begins.

Currently enrolled students and their siblings receive priority in enrollment. Remaining spaces are filled through a lottery held in early March and after that, as space allows, from our waiting list.

If you wish to be included in the March enrollment or lottery for open spaces in any of the classrooms, the deadline for us to receive all registrations is February 28. Registration forms received after February 28th will be considered as class openings allow.

We welcome inquiries about current class openings which may be made with our Outreach Chair, at 406-531-8222.

To enroll,

1. Read the UCCC Registration and Instructions form 2017-18.

2. Download and mail in before the February 28th deadline, completed Registration Form 2017-2018  and Parent Agreement 2017-2018, signed  to:

  • Attention: Registrar UCCC Preschool 405 University Avenue Missoula, MT. 59801
  • Please call 406-531-8222 if you have any registration questions.

3. Join the Preschool Council! UCCC is governed by a 10-member volunteer council comprised of parents and University Congregational Church members. Members serve two-year terms. Apply now for for one of the open Preschool Council Positions beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. Click here:  UCCC Open Preschool Council Positions for more information.


Please call 406-531-8222 for a tour or information about the open house.

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