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A God of Relationships

A God of Relationships 7th Sunday After Epiphany Matthew 5: 21-37 February 12, 2017 UCC of Missoula Rev. Amy M. Carter   I tend to be a lectionary preacher.  I preach using this thing called the lectionary as a guide.  The lectionary is has a very long history, but it consists of prescribed readings for each Sunday of the year.  It has…

Incarnational Time

Incarnational time 2nd Sunday after Epiphany Psalm 40: 1-11, John 1: 29-34 January 15, 2017 UCC of Missoula Rev. Amy M. Carter Earlier this week I had a bout of the stomach flu.  While I was recovering I slept a lot, I watched the news on TV a lot, and I perused facebook.  And here’s what I was: A reminder that cold…