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Pastoral Search

Notice of February 25th Congregational Meeting for Member Vote to Call a New Pastor

The search committee was actively engaged in accepting pastor profiles from September 5 through December 8.  We received 20 applications from 16 states, and were very happy with this.  We evaluated each on our own and then discussed each applicant fully as a committee, reviewed criminal background checks, conducted first and second Skype interviews, called references, and selected finalists.  I am happy to report that we are in the very final stages of this process.

The search committee is thrilled to announce that we have unanimously chosen the pastor to present to the congregation, and the cabinet has unanimously and enthusiastically approved this candidate.  This is after the committee spent considerable in-person time with the candidate, including attending an off-site worship service the candidate lead.  The compensation and benefits package has been agreed to and is reflected in the budget you will soon vote on.  Words cannot express our excitement.

The last step is a congregational vote, to take place on Sunday, February 25th.  On this day, the candidate leads us in worship, followed by a congregational meeting where the member vote will take place.  Email notification of the meeting will go out in the next week or so, and a letter of introduction will go out to members shortly before the 25th.

Because the candidate’s church will not become aware of our intention to call the candidate to be our pastor until after our vote on the 25th, we will continue to keep the identity of the person confidential until the letter of introduction.  Then we will ask that all of you keep the identity confidential until at least two days after the February 25th vote.  This is very important and the normal protocol.

We are full of mixed emotions.  We are 100% confident that this person is the right pastor for us at this time in our church’s life, with inspiring qualifications, deep and broad experience, a gusto for Jesus, mission, love, and grace, and someone who will challenge us to be bold in the best possible ways.  And this is a person that we all look forward to just hanging out with.

Yet, we wrestle with the upcoming parting of ways with Amy.  Amy is aware of the timetable for the new pastor and has been planning her final months with us.  The Cabinet is working on ways to make her remaining time precious and special, even if bittersweet.

So open your hearts to receive, prepare your hearts to let go.  The candidate asks that we pray for them and for our congregation as we transition.  One thing the search committee is sure about, God has been driving this bus every step of the way.  His grace has been witnessed by every one of us in this process, and we cannot wait to share it with you on Feb 25th.