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Fall 2016 Small Groups-Blest Be the Tie that Binds: The Stories that Tie Us Together

As people of the Judeo-Christian faith traditions, we are people of story. Beginning with our creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2, to the gospel stories in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, our scriptures are full of stories about people and God. Jesus taught in parable stories. We have been telling each other stories as ways to teach and express our faith, to pass along our heritage and to establish our identities for a veeery looong time. Stories tie us together with each other over time and place. Just as you may have family stories about something silly you did as a child, our church has a rich history and many stories as well.

At UCC Missoula, our fall small groups will be formed around “affinity groups,” folks who have something in common like age, family status, sexual orientation, gender or something else. In these groups, we will explore stories about how our faith has developed and how/when we arrived at UCC, explore a few Bible stories and learn and share some stories about our church. These church stories, in particular, will contribute to our Transition Team’s work in readying us for our upcoming pastoral search process. In fact, a member of the Transition Team will likely participate in each group to listen for themes and dreams.

SCHEDULING—Groups will first meet after church on Sunday Sept. 18th, 11:30-12:30 in the Fireside Room to schedule your five gatherings. Groups will have one “point person,” but facilitators will rotate each week. Church staff will provide a complete curriculum and guidance. Our Small Group Ministries Coordinator, Laura Folkwein will support facilitators.

Sign-ups-August 22nd  -Sept 11th at church and online. Sign up for a Fall Small Group here.

Groups begin-Week of Sept 18th and conclude the week of October 23rd

Wrap up Celebration—Groups will wrap up with an all church gathering to share more stories and add ourselves to a UCC-Missoula church timeline. The event will include dinner, group sharing and some facilitated processes with the Transition Team. DATE To Be Determined (Soon!).

Want more information? Fall 2016 Small Groups-Flyer